Hamku:  A porkalicious haiku comprised of three lines and a 5/7/5 syllable structure.

Please share your Hamkus below.  If your entry makes us blow coffee out of our noses, we’ll send you a free Hamagram!

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7 Responses to Hamku

  1. Hamlet says:

    Beautiful pork friend
    a sodium dream come true
    this won’t hurt a bit

  2. Pork Daddy says:

    See the happy hog
    Now he’s in the hot smoker
    Get in my belly!

  3. Hamlet says:

    Well played, Pork Daddy!

  4. chicken grrl says:

    I love chicken so
    but Christmas changes my mind
    Ham brighten my heart

  5. Squealer says:

    Ham and eggs jiggle
    And make my belly giggle
    As I stuff it full

  6. Citizen Bain says:

    McDonald’s secret?
    Their Canadian “bacon”
    is really just ham.

  7. Joey McBacon says:

    Christmas is coming
    Kids want goose and cranberries
    Ham will delight them

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